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Live, Laugh, Love.



 This is Kareena’s tenth release.

  Produced by Boney Kapoor, a Surinder Kapoor film, presented by Narsimha Enterprises.

  Directed by S.J.Suryah.

*   Kareena plays the character of a village girl Khushi who comes to study in the city of Mumbai.

*  Her co-star is Fardeen Khan.

*  The movie was released on 10th February, 2003.

*  Music by Anu Malik.

*  Lyrics by Sameer.





This is a very youthful, lively and entertaining film about two unknown hearts which by destiny become one in the end. This is the story of Karan (Fardeen Khan) and Khushi (Kareena Kapoor). This is a story of clashing egos, coincidences and the game of destiny. Karan is a city-bred guy, the only son of rich parents settled in Kolkata. Khushi is the daughter of a villager from Chamoli, a small village in the state of Uttaranchal. By fate, they both come to Mumbai to study in the Mumbai University and become good friends too. Slowly theu both fall in love with each other but then, there is something that prevents them from accepting their love for each other. Soon, their egos come in between their friendship and they are not even on talking terms now. But they put aside all their differences and come together to play cupid to their best friends who are in love with each other but are faced with difficulties. Helping their friends to meet makes them realize the value of true love, which they were going to lose, but then their fates come between their meeting each other and then comes a series of coincidences before they both get to tell each other about their love. It is a very entertaining and fun-filled film. Both Fardeen and Kareena act very well though Kareena overacts in some scenes. Both are really good-looking and dance very well too, Fardeen seems to have lost his conscious ways of acting and acts very freely and spontaneously which is pleasant to watch. Kareena as usual is good at what she does and looks gorgeous in all scenes. The music is very nice and peppy on the whole though there are few soft romantic numbers too. This movie was an above-average at the box office though it did not run for many days due to the world cup going on at that time. But this movie is a must-watch for all movie buffs, as it has a good story, good music, great stars and good locales.


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