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A Human Story.





*  Kareena Kapoor makes her DEBUT with this film.

*  Produced and directed by Mr.J.P.Dutta.

*  Kareena stars opposite Abhishek Bachchan.

*  Kareena’s other co-stars are JACKIE SHROFF and SUNIL SHETTY.

*  Kareena plays the character of a village girl, NAZNEEN.

*  Music by ANU MALIK.

*  Lyrics by JAVED AKHTAR.




This film is about a youth (Abhishek Bachchan) who lives on the Border of India and Pakistan. He does not belong to either of the nations. The villagers call him Refugee. He is involved in the illegal activity of taking civilians to Pakistan and forth. It is at this juncture that he falls in love with the daughter (Kareena Kapoor) of a Bangladeshi whose family intends to migrate to Pakistan with Refugee’s help. But these 2 lovers face an uphill task. Nazneen, (Kareena Kapoor) lives in Pakistan while Refugee lives near India. A Border Security Officer, Ashraf (Sunil Shetty) falls for Nazneen and wants to marry her. And he being a Pakistani, Nazneen’s parents agree to this match. Now, the Border Security Force has learnt of Refugee’s illegal activities and wants to take him to task.

              Though this film had an excellent star-cast, good music and also a good director, it failed to succeed. But it did wonders for Kareena, who was recognized by everyone for her wonderful acting talent and screen presence. This film was a below-average one at the box-office.