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Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai logo.Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai

A tale of unspoken love.



*  This is Kareena’s second movie.

*  Produced by VASHU BHAGNANI and directed by SATISH KAUSHIK.

Movie was released in May, 2001.

* Kareena is paired opposite TUSSHAR KAPOOR. Her other co-stars are Rinke Khanna, Amrish Puri, Dalip Tahil and Vrajesh Hirjee.

* Kareena plays the character of an N.R.I girl, PUJA.

* Music by ANU MALIK.

* Lyrics by SAMEER.



           THE FILM-

Still from Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai.

              This is a very light and entertaining youth oriented film. This is a remake of the Telugu hit, THOLI PREMA. It is about a college boy, Karan (Tusshar Kapoor) who falls head over heels in love with this girl, Puja (Kareena Kapoor) when he sees her for the first time and quite soon, they become good friends too but he is unable to express his love for her. The music and choreography of the film are excellent and also the locales, direction and acting of the cast. Soon, a twist comes in the film when the girl has to return to her country, the U.S from where she had come to India to pursue her research on Indian culture. On the whole, the movie is good. The first half is full of college and campus life with a lot of comedy. The second half is a bit solemn but is still interesting to watch. On the whole, this movie provides a good 3 hours of solid entertainment.

                     This movie was an above average in the box-office. But it gave Kareena a chance to do something different from her rather serious character role in REFUGEE and showcase her dancing talents, beauty as well as normal and light roles with youth-oriented dialogues unlike REFUGEE.


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