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Kareena on her films


"Rambha may be getting hundred films but is she an actress?"


Refugee, the much talked about film, which promised the birth of two big stars, came and went, without much of the expected stir. But the debutantes are here to stay. Kareena's wish of being known more as an actress than a star was facilitated by such a film. She may still be new, but the ice has been broken. Where does she go from here? What's the general drift about this larger than life, saucy actress who speaks her mind?

Kareena Kapoor has landed on her feet and proves to be the type who'll have it no other way. She's clear about what she wants and she is out to get it, no matter what.

Would you do other films without hearing the script, like you did with Refugee?

 It depends entirely on who the maker is. Like if it was a Yash Chopra or a Subhash Ghai, then definitely. It's not just their success. There are a handful of directors whom I am very keen to work with. And I have captured most of them by now. So, if it's those directors, then I definitely have full faith in them because I've seen their work earlier. They make their heroines stand out, so I'm assured that I'll be in safe hands.


Have you learnt from your sister's struggle?

Definitely. That's why I'm so cautious. I've seen her all throughout her struggle. She's a totally self-made girl who has learnt from her mistakes. If she is the no.1, she totally deserves it. From her I've picked up and learnt all the way, because I was with her all the time. It's not that I'm too careful. I'm very set and I know what I want. I also know I'm going to get it.


Do you believe that you have to uphold the R.K name?

Definitely. I have too many expectations to live up to. There is my grandfather, father, mother and most of all there is my sister. She is the biggest burden I have to live up to. Besides I have to make proud my entire Kapoor family.


What kind of cinema influenced you in your formative years?

 I have watched more or less all my grandfather's films. And I've been the greatest fan of Meena Kumari because she's the only actress who made me cry, till Kajol came along. None of the other actresses could ever make me shed a tear. Karisma moved to tears in Raja Hindustani and Dil To Pagal Hai, but other than that, I've only liked these two actresses. Since childhood, I've always wanted to be like Meena Kumari in every way, she was the best for me. I know those filmmakers aren't there anymore, but they've influenced me in a really big way. That genre of filmmaking excites me. For me, it's easier to make people cry than make them laugh.


Are you critical of Karisma's performances?

Totally. I am one person who is blunt to the point of sounding rude. I don't care if the other person feels bad, but I cannot change.


Are you looking more at box-office success or critical acclaim at this point in your career?

I want to be known as a performer, but I don't want a serious image. I want to be an actress first and a star later. If you are a good actress, stardom is sure to follow. If today, Rambha's film does well, she might have hundred producers running behind her, but is she known for her acting? I don't want to be like that. For me, respectability as an actress counts the most.